Pass the Parcel


Milford sticks to tradition and delivers the joy of giving in the emotional Christmas advert for This year we follow the residents of Chester Street as they give up their time to make sure their elderly neighbour Sidney isn’t alone at Christmas. To make sure you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this time the characters from previous campaigns were brought together as a community who care for and support each other.

Our challenge, as always, was to deliver the emotional impact a traditional Christmas ad deserves. An impact created with a blend of Pixar worthiness and a beautiful rendition of Rudimental’s number one hit ‘Feel The Love’ performed by community singing group The Social Singing Choir

The ad is directed by againstallodds who once again choose Milford to produce the animation. 

“We have worked with the guys at Milford for a long time and they and we have a great relationship that allows us to create amazing work together", says Derek Picken & Niklas Rissler at againstallodds. “Having done three previous spots for Very together, this time was exciting as it brought back the characters we’ve developed and made come alive.”

againstallodds have made a name for themselves directing emotional stories with relatable, charming and warm characters.

“The expectations are always very high when working with againstalloods, and that pushes us to do better all the time. The challenge is to make the characters really expressful with very subtle means”, says Milford animation supervisor Antonio Deiana. 

We are very happy to once again be part of this ongoing Christmas campaign. 

Merry Christmas to you all, and take care of each other!

Director: againstallodds

Production Company: againstallodds/Passion Pictures

Producer: Fritte Colliander

Milford Producer: Demian Zarins

Agency: St Luke's

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