Mondelēz International

Once in a while we get requests that are just outside of our area of expertise, and this summer we had this one. 

Milford is known for producing world class character animation, but we cannot say the same when it comes to visual effects. Even though we have great skills in this area we haven’t had the opportunity to show this until we were approached by Foss Productions and Ogilvy Athens. 

Our assignment was to introduce three new flavors for the iconic Greek chocolate brand Ygeias Pavlidis in an 18 second sequence. Ygeias is synonymous with bitter chocolate and their main target group has been people in middle age. The client Mondelez wanted to reach a younger target group by using a visual language that appealed to that audience and still remained a sober feeling of quality, which has been their trademark for many years. 

Excited about the opportunity to promote an iconic brand we focused on the key words “freshness”, “taste” and “quality”. By showing both falling and exploding fruit in slow motion we maximized the sense of flavor and freshness. To enhance the quality feeling we used a visual language based on macro close-up camera technique. To achieve the sense that the flavour explodes in your mouth, we used editing technique based on repetition. 

There's nothing groundbreaking in what we have produced, but we are very happy for the opportunity to demonstrate our skills within the visual effects area. 

Thanks Foss Productions and Ogilvy Athens for believing in us being able to produce something great outside the character animation field.

Client: Mondelēz International / Ygeias

Agency: Ogilvy Athens

Production Company: Foss Productions / Milford

CG Production: Milford

Producer: Johan Gustafsson

Creative Director: Jonas Moberg

Supervisor: John Roxenhed

VFX: Martin Widö

Light: Daniel Holmgren

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